Superbe wine, pride of Valpolicella Classica, born from the careful selection of grapes dried in the typical fruit drying sheds for about 4 months. The meticulous care of the grapes during the drying and the right maturation first in barriques and then in Slavonian oak barrels, develop complexity of scents and flavors. Elegant, smooth, balanced, it expresses tradition, terroir and passion.

50% Corvina, 20% Corvinone, 20% Rondinella, 10% Molinara, Oseleta and Turchetta San Pietro in Cariano

North/South-West, 300 m a.s.l. Volcanic-Calcareous-Gravelly

Veronese pergola, 3500 vines/hectare Manual selection and harvesting of the grapes starting from mid September

Natural overripening of the grapes for around 120 days in fruit drying sheds, with loss of 40% of their weight and sugar increase, many biological variations in the grape (resveratrol production, glycerine, etc…). Pressing and destemming of the grapes around mid January. After ten days of cold maceration, yeasts injection on a small heated quantity.

Fermentation temperature controlled by mother nature, repeated pumping overs, soft almost till dry, final racking. After two more cleaning rackings, 24 months maturation, 30% in barriques, 70% in Slavonian oak barrels, following evolution in the bottle.

Ruby red colour with garnet tinges. Ethereal, spicy, with cherry hints, sour cherry, raspberry, currant in alcohol, cocoa and balsamic notes. In the mouth is warm, full, of great structure, fine and balanced.

Alcohol: 15,34%

vol. Sugar: 6 g/l

Total acidity: 5,80 g/l Volatile Acidity: 0,62 g/l

Dry extract: 33,70 g/l

0,500 / 0,750 / 1,500 / 3,000

Excellent with game, roast meat and mature hard cheeses

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